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Monday, November 2, 2009

Saw Modding

No need to raise an eyebrow, BE-X wont do mods for gore flicks! VI just modded my wire fretsaw a bit and wanted to show you.
I removed the metal rings and replaced them with paracord loops. Why? To save weight!!! OK, just kidding, that would be riddiculous, but it saves a bit of space, though.

No, it was for ergonomic reasons. I use the sam mainly outdoors, to saw through wood. So naturally, improvise handles is an easy task. And it has only benefits: The saw is leasier to pack, the handle si much more comfortable and save and you are much more flexible! Bellow an example, how it could look like:

Just test it yourself, you can always go back to the rings, if you dont like, but you´ll sure will like the new grip!

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