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This is our Blog around the BE-X series of combat gear and equipment. Our aim is, to provide you interesting news, information, previews and some insight into our work. We will also put some some tutorials, guides and other goodies online.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Gleaming Blades


Hi there

two new product hit the shelves! The BE-X Fieldcraft Knife, and the BE-X Head Torch! Find out more at www.begadi.com!


Kangaroo II


Hallo there,

here it is, the Kangaroo2. Bigger, more versatile, still the best choice for hydration systems! Will hit the shelfs within 4 weeks! Will feature YKK watertight zippers!



Hi there,
here is it: The final look of our Softshell!

Plate Carrier

Hallo there,
without much fuss: Our Plate Carrier hits the store!

Do it yourself! - Use of Gear

Hallo zusammen,
some images of uses and improovements to our products!

BE-X Cooking Kit and Spork


LED Zipper Pull

Modular ID Tags as Survival Kit

Tarp Kit


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

BE-X in Afghanistan...

Hi there,
here we want to show of some "Fan-Mail": These images we got from NL Marines in Afghanistan, wearing our Gen2 Smocks.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Good things from the past

Hi there,
those who know me, know also that I am into Medieval Reenactment. This brought me up, to see if some ancient gear wouldnt fit in, too, into the modern world. Actually, this happens already in the industry. Example needed? Here you go:
- Wharnecliff Blades: Svedish Scramaseax Blades
- Dragonskin Armor: In use since the days of the Bible
Within next days, Ill try to ressurect a 1000years old piece of gear
To be continued....
Sources: Tapestry of Bajeaux, 1100B.C.