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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A quick note...

we got many confused inquiries in the last days, why " Begadi Camos" now are otherwise available, and what we intend to do against these "pirated copies", when we would form a lawsuit, etc. We would like say here again: Theres no actual(!) reason for a lawsuit! We never maintained a copyright on the Rooivalkpattern. We were only those, who pioneerd in bringing Rooivalk to Europe. We also do not define ourselves through to this pattern! In our opinion BE-X is much more than a camouflage pattern. Our strength among other things is the combination of well-thought equipment, build-quality, customer-care and outstanding service/support.

For the equipment and its design I am responsible and I am available for your feedback 24/7. It is has grown a custom for us. that only very few products come into the shop, which we did not preview and listened to your comments and feedback. The result for you thereby is clear: Equipment, which is cut to your needs. For us it sure means more work than just throw some untested stuff on the market. But we go this way gladly, because it is the way that garanties your satisfaction! Naturally still not everything is perfect for everyone, but our ratio with well 900+ products is good, so we succeed in this field. Who ever holds a BE-X of products in his hands, knows from whom it hails, many of you know from events, from boards or have spoken with me already otherwise. I am no anonymous name, I am a living person you can talk to.

And if there was reason to complain, I had always an open ear (and I will also have). That is, what we understand as customer care: Service and support. Sure, that is not exclusive BE-X attribute, this factor is is generally focused by our moter-company, Begadi, let it be the eta of replys, special wishes, emergency orders, support of events or also the speed with the completion of cases of guarantee. It does not come from nothing, that the readers of the ASM (Germanys first Airsoft Magazin) voted us at Rank 1 as the best shop 2009 in the german-language field!

So the 3 pillars of our company are
- the design and concept of the products
- close cooperation with the customer
- service and support

They form a large entity, which resembles BE-X and/or the project Combat-Gear finally! And this whole one is not able to be protected by copyright! Because that factors, on which it is based (practical experience of many years field work, social abillity, dedication to the work and the users), does not have any patent, is adoptable by simply copying styles or through buyable through outsourcing. Whether you have it or not!
This is not decided by us, it is not decided by courts, it is decides alone by YOU, our customers! Therefore I ask you, calm down! If it does not bother us, it does not have to bother you, either.
We continue as before, together with you, and thats what counts!


  1. Why does Begadi not ship to the USA, you are the only place, other than Trident international that has " Opfer " er Rhodesian Look-a-like camo.

  2. Hi,
    well in fact what prihits us most, are very large-scale beaurocratics. But you can order our products, our Partner in Ireland, SE Airsoft, handles all requests from the states!
    If you have fürther questions, feel free to mail me (walter.ruf@combat-gear.de)!